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I am running for School Board because I believe that public education directly impacts the vitality of our community. Investing in our children now means a vibrant future for 
Lewisville and LISD.

We must provide every child with the education they deserve, and the Lewisville ISD must have a vision, create structures to support that vision, and be accountable to the public. We must also advocate for our students at every opportunity.

I am the father of two beautiful girls and husband to an amazing wife.  My wife Kourtney is also a school teacher and one of the reasons I am so passionate about the importance of our schools.  

My professional career and volunteer service have prepared me well for the Lewisville School board. I am a local business owner as well as an active Chamber Member.  My business background allows me to look at the bigger picture and make decisions not only that will benefit our students, the LISD staff but also the business and residential community.

I love to learn from others and find that a quality in-depth 
conversation with a person will always reveal more than just facts and statistics but will result in a better understanding of their perspective. 

I look forward to having conversations with you about your priorities for the LISD. More information about me can be found on my Facebook campaign page “ChrisBowen4LISD”, and I encourage you to contact me to discuss your thoughts and ideas. 


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